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Foundation to help children in rural Colombia

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Hola! Hello! 

Hola me llamo Zoe - estoy terminando el colegio y pronto voy a comenzar la Universidad. Esta iniciativa intenta ayudar a muchos pequeños que estan empezando su primaria en Colombia y que no tienen recursos. Pienso que la educación es la llave para un futuro mejor. Mi Mamá nació en Colombia, y tuvo que enfrentar muchos obstaculos, esto me ha inspirado a comenzar este proyecto. Espero continuar y crecer este proyecto comunitario.


​Hi, my name is Zoe – I am finishing high school and soon will start college. This initiative is to assist many little ones that are just starting their elementary education in Colombia, and that have no resources. I think that education is the key for a better future. My Mother was born in Colombia and had many challenges, and that has inspired me to start this project. I hope to continue and grow this community project.


How to help!

Quisiera invitarte a participar en mi iniciativa para ayudar a niños y niñas que estan empezando su educacion. En esta página encontrarás información de nuestras campañas, y acerca de las comunidades que ayudamos. 

I would like to invite you to participate in my initiative to help boys and girls that are starting their education. In this page you will find  information about our initiatives, and about the communities we help.

Dibujo escuelita Taita.png

Thank you to Jeffer, Carlos Daniel, Bladimir, Jostin y Yennifer for this drawing of Taitá!!

Many thanks to all of those who contributed to the Travesia Navideña. I will be posting more pictures of the celebration soon!!

Luz Elena is the owner of Brío Colombia and our partner in Antioquia.

We joined the Traditional Holiday "Travesia Rural" and were able to send some contributions to purchase presents for the children in some of these communities. Thank you Luz for organizing this event with other partners. 

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Travesia rural navidena_edited.jpg
escuela de pegado drawing.jpg


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Partnering with others

We reached out to the Project My Bello Oriente in Medellin, Colombia, worked with the community leader.

The Partnership with Luz of Brio Colombia allowed us to provide several donations. We are very happy to have helped with the kitchen supplies, the water hoses, roof materials, boots, crayons, and dinnerware! Thank you all for these amazing pictures, messages and lovely letters. Greetings from Kentucky! 

La Escuelitas de Taitá & Pegadó

We are working with Luz Vanegas Luna, to facilitate projects for a few schools like the Taita - La Caldasia, located in Urrao, a rural community in Antioquia, Colombia. We sent a contribution to purchase the roof (part of it) for the Pegadó school, and will continue helping with boots, cookware, rain ponchos, dinnerware, and many other things that they need. There is no phone, internet or computers here! 

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Do you want to be part of the initiative?

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